Kurt Seifried

Physical data smuggling

So with all the talk of US border services forcing people to log into their laptops and provide access to email, files on the system, the contents of their iPOD and so on I can’t help but think about physical data smuggling. This of courses ignores the fact that competent bad guys will just bring a nice clean laptop/etc. with them and then download their data once they’re in the country, but I digress.

Let’s say you have a couple hundred gigabytes of data; not something I’d want to download over a hotel connection. So how to smuggle that much data into a country that may force you to log into your laptop, or even confiscate it? Please note that this may not be “illegal” or even “naughty” data, if someone is transporting health care data they will probably be legally required to protect it and not give access to it for example.

Micro SD cards seem to be the obvious answer. Small enough to fit in a hollow coin or to swallow or insert into.. well you get the idea. I’m just wondering how long until someone posts an X-Ray online of a courier filled with condoms stuffed with Micro SD cards. Oh and 2 terabyte Micro SD cards should be available in 5 years or less.