IPv6 and OpenBSD (Part 2)

So now that you’re online with an IPv6 enabled OpenBSD machine what can you do? The first thing I ran into is noticing that not all OpenBSD ftp sites are IPv6 enabled. The following is a list of IPv6 capable FTP sites for OpenBSD:

  • anga.funkfeuer.at
  • ftp5.usa.openbsd.org
  • ftp.arcane-networks.fr
  • ftp.belnet.be
  • ftp.esat.net
  • ftp.estpak.ee
  • ftp.eu.openbsd.org
  • ftp.freenet.de
  • ftp.fsn.hu
  • ftp.heanet.ie
  • ftp.irisa.fr
  • ftp.kddlabs.co.jp
  • ftp.nluug.nl
  • ftp.obsd.si
  • ftp.openbsd.dk
  • ftp.piotrkosoft.net
  • piotrkosoft.net
  • ftp.rediris.es
  • ftp.task.gda.pl
  • ftp.tcc.edu.tw
  • ftp.ulak.net.tr
  • mirror.aarnet.edu.au
  • mirror.bytemark.co.uk
  • mirror.corbina.net
  • mirror.planetunix.net
  • mirrors.nic.funet.fi
  • mirror.switch.ch
  • stacken.kth.se
  • http://www.obsd.si

What I find most interesting is how few North American sites are represented as compared to the European and Asian sites.

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