Python Programming

Here are some of the various Python programming resources I use.

Google Python Style Guide

If you’re going to write code pick a standard, otherwise reading the code will be a nightmare. This way once someone learns to read your code it will be consistently readable.  Ideally pick a “good” standard to use, personally I like Google’s coding standard, it’s simple, readable and based off of PEP8.


PyChecker catches a wide of variety of bugs and is quite handy for sanity checking your code.


Pyflakes checks for various errors and can be integrated into your editor (via, emacs, etc.)

Integrating it with emacs:


You can learn a lot by reading other peoples questions and answers (especially if the answers are correct and well written). Sometimes I just randomly read highly rated questions and answers, you can also get a better sense of why Python is built the way it is from these.

Other resources


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